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Pan's Labyrinth won the Satellite Award for Best Animated or Mixed Media Feature.

Dating for social inepts

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e’re told we live in the most interconnected time in the history of the world.

There’s a social media platform for every age group, gender and interest, and (apparently) it’s never been easier to make a connection with someone, even if they’re halfway around the world, in no time at all.

If your experience in the dating world isn't at least a little bit awkward, you're doing something wrong.

Especially in a relationship that's only a few months old, there are bound to be hurt feelings, and embarrassment, and confusion.

Match's chief scientific adviser, Helen Fisher, said that might be because summertime is the mating season in many species — and even though humans breed all year long, "increasing light does give us a sunny personality and more energy and optimism — all of which could increase our sexuality.” If you're thinking about joining a dating site in the near future, and if you're somewhat terrified by the prospect of that we're more attracted to people in expansive — as opposed to contracted — postures, even if we don't consciously realize it.

Men especially appear more attractive to women when they're holding their arms upward in a "V," reaching out to grab something, or standing in another expansive position.

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Follow these ground rules to crush it at your next lunch interview: From the moment you walk into the restaurant, your social skills are under the microscope.Remember: Worst-case scenario, they'll decline, and you'll probably never see them again.What to say: "I need to tell you something and I feel a bit vulnerable right now.But as the interviewee, you need to be strategic in your approach.“There’s a temptation to let down your guard and let it become a social event, but it’s still a job interview,” says Carole Martin, job interview coach and author of .And why, even in previously social environments like coffee shops, do we look around and see most people’s heads buried in laptops or smartphones and ears plugged with headphones?