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This map is being made in memory of the beloved Disney game Toontown Online.

Progress is being made regularly, it's going up pretty fast!

If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. Toontown is a happy place where Toons live and play, and you are invited!

11/14/2015Lawbot, Cashbot, Sellbot, and Bossbot HQ added! Now you can take on the Chief Financhal Officer, and new music for the estate!

We're having trouble displaying this Scratch project. Special Thanks to @helloandgoodbye9 without you this project would be dead by now!

If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer. If you have a question about the game, feel free to ask me in the comments! 10/28/2015Houses added, and different fish species!

You may only see one of your Toons on the list, but your other qualifying Toons will receive a prize as well. We're incredibly proud of the massive amount of Cogs that was taken down by our Top Toons.Nothing in the land will be out of character or stray from mythology.” Two new attractions were announced.One will allow guests to “take the controls of one of the most recognizable ships in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon.” See the full presentation from the Disney Parks Presentation by Disney Parks Presentation Bob Chapek and Head of the Star Wars Creative Portfolio, Scott Trowbridge.Star Wars Land has been announced for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.During the D23 Expo, Bob Iger got on stage and announced to a crowd of 7,500 people that “they would not just be building one of these, but building two” new Star Wars Lands.Progress Key: LB BB Racetracks Screwball Stadium Corkscrew Coliseum Airborne Acres Rustic Raceway City Circuit Blizzard Boulevard Minigolf Trolley Games Built by masmaster50 (Lead Builder) kite7741 davexx100 xerxvei whalemc Builder search has finished! You should be finding updates more frequently here. Here's why: One day I got home to turn on my computer and it didn't recognize the hard drive, so I had to send it in and they said it was recalled in 2009 so they couldn't do anything about it.